The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church


  • Interview with Albair Mikhail

    An interview with Albair Mikhail, leader of the HCOC, done by Peter (CMN username petros04) from Miami, Florida, during the Apostles’ Fast in the year 2007.

  • Interview with Cantor Farag Abdel-Massih

    An interview (in two parts) with Mo’allim Farag Abdel-Massih, where he talks about his personal upbringing in the Church and his pursuit in preserving the hymns of the Church.

  • Interview with Cantor Naeem Boulis

    An interview with Mo’allim Naeem Boulis, where he talks about the beauty and the potential of emotional expressions in the Coptic Church’s hymns.

  • Interview with Cantor Tawfiq - Part I

    Mo’allim Tawfiq wishes you a blessed Feast of the Resurrection.

  • Interview with Cantor Tawfiq - Part II

    Another interview with Cantor Tawfiq of El-Maharaq Monastery.

  • Interview with Dr. Ragheb Moftah

    A historical interview with Dr. Ragheb Moftah, the Preserver of the hymns and rites of the Coptic Orthodox Church, and the past Dean of the Department of Music and Hymns at the Institute of Coptic Studies, by Fr. Mettias Nasr and HCOC Servant, Albair Mikhail. The interview was conducted in 11 October, 1999.

  • Interview with Fr. Mettias Nasr

    An interview with Fr. Mettias Nasr by HCOC Servant, Albair Mikhail, conducted on Nov. 27, 2003. Fr. Mettias Nasr talks about his personal life, his meeting with Dr. Ragheb Moftah, his service with the Institute of Coptic Studies, and he discusses the issue of the Liturgy of Saint Cyril production that he released with the Institute.

  • Interview with H.G. Bishop Mattaous

    An interview with H.G. Bishop Mattaous when he visited Albair’s house in Mississauga, ON, in November 2004. The interview is in Arabic, and the English translation is provided here.