The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church

The Liturgy of Saint Basil (Coptic and English)

Encyclopedia of the Rites and Hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church presents:

in Coptic and English languages

    For the first time ever, a production that hands down the liturgy of Saint Basil in English in its entirety.
    The recording is based on the Coptic recordings of cantor Mikhail Girgis El Batanouny.
    All the priest prayers, deacon responses and congregation chants have been included in this production.
    A lot of research has been done to choose the most accurate translation of the Coptic and Greek original text of the Liturgy. Theological research has also been conducted to pick the most accurate lyrics.
    This is a good opportunity to unite churches using English responses by allowing them to chant the hymns in English based on the most accurate rendition of the Coptic originals.
    Tracks are in CD-quality mp3 format. The total time of all the tracks is 310 minutes, which equals to 5 audio CDs—but they are all available in one mp3 CD.
    The CD has two folders; one that includes all priest prayers of the liturgy of Saint Basil in Coptic, and the other has the whole liturgy in English including hymns like Pie Nishty, Adam and Watos Aspasmos’, Pi-oik, the long and short Diptych Prayers (from the liturgy of Saint Cyril), and many others.