The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church

The Rite and Hymns of The Feast of the Resurrection, up to the 39th day of Pentecost

  • This production contains the most accurate versions of every hymn of the The Rite and Hymns of The Feast of the Resurrection, upto the 39th day of Pentecost, according to the Coptic tradition.
  • It consists of all the melismatic and recitative tunes for the rite, all of which are based on the oral and recorded tradition of Cantor Mikhail Ghabrial Girgis El-Batanouny.
  • This production consists of 2 sets of 8audio CD discs, with 7 CDs of recordings by the choir and 1 CD of sources for some of the noteworthy hymns.
  • Contains detailed introductions  to the rites of the Feast of the Resurrection and Thomas Sunday in both Arabic and English languages.
  • Contains melismatic hymns such as Kata nikhoros (of the Veil), the Joyous Pauline, and Chiowini (on the Doers’  Exposition); the Greek hymns chanted for the Resurrection in both the Coptic tune and the original Byzantine tune; rare hymns  such as Thomas and Evfrenesthw; as well as hymns that are recorded for the first time, such as All You Heavenly Orders fully in Coptic, Kata nikhoros for Communion in its entirety, the Fraction in Coptic, and the joyous Alleluia for Communion.
  • The participation of many priests, deacons and cantors s in this production, including the participation of choir members from the new branch of HCOC in Texas, who are members of the Church of St. Mary and Archangel Michael.
  • The CDs were recorded and mastered digitally in professional studios.

View a video on this production and hear audio samples: