The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Dear Precious Jesus

Fr. Yousef Asaad
November 16, 2004

An English translation by Ragy Sharkawy of an Arabic spiritual song written by Fr. Yousef Asaad. The audio recording was done by Alex A-Malek, Bishoy K. R. Dawood, David Abdel-Malek, Peter Sedrak, and Ragy Sharkawy.

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Dear precious Jesus,
On a very high mountain,
Retreat with me,
And hear my prayer.

O my Lord Jesus,
Your love has freed me,
I praise You with my heart,
Honoring your glory.
My heart was lifted,
Towards His Holy Place,
How I long to be there,
To witness His radiant face.

Jesus, the King of Peace,
On His throne He reigns,
His garments white as snow,
His eyes like a flame.
I fell at His feet,
In fear and reverence,
My heart was overwhelmed,
By His glorious presence.

He came to me and laid,
His pure hands on me,
I looked at Him and asked,
“My Lord, how could this be?”
“I am weak and sinful,
Have mercy upon me,
I have gone astray,
By my iniquity.”

He smiled and gently spoke,
“My child don’t be afraid,
I am the Lord your God,
Your debts I have paid.
In weakness you came to Me,
Seeking to repent and live,
I’ll always love you,
Your sins I shall forgive.”