The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church

I Call on the Lord

October 15, 2004

An English translation of an Arabic spiritual song by Mina Demian, who also provided us with an audio recording of it with his own voice.

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1) I call on the Lord,
In time of prayer,
Giver of life,
Saved in that life,
Rest in that life.

For sinners,
For believers,
For wrongdoers,
For blasphemers.

I’m one of them!

2) I call on the Merciful,
My Lord, the heart
Forgets all bonds,
A gift when He saves,
The gift of His hope.

For those who repent,
For those who regret,
For those wait,
For those who weep.

I’m one of them!

3) I call on the Christ,
The One, the Peace,
In face of trials,
In speed of falls,
In the cloud of fear.

Of those who toil,
Of those who fail,
Of those who tire,
Of those who fight.

I’m one of them!

4) I call the Beloved,
My Lord hears me,
Grants us His care,
In Him we’re safe,
From all snares.

For those who fear,
For those who worry,
For those who murmur,
For those in anguish.

I’m one of them!

5) I call on the Great,
My Lord the Grand,
In love and strength,
He rules my heart,
No more concerns!

For the worthless,
For the hopeless,
For those who cry,
Bleeding in distress.

I’m one of them!

6) I call on the Bountiful,
Mercy from the Merciful,
Gives us His peace,
Gives us to eat,
All from the Kind.

To those who ask,
To those who need,
To those who starve,
To those who thirst,

I’m one of them!

7) I call on the Helper,
My Lord, the Faithful,
When we reconcile,
When we succeed,
It’s all from Him!

You who believe,
You who bring peace,
You the righteous,
You who worship.

Oh, how I wish… to be like them!