The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Jesus Knocks

September 26, 2004

An English translation of an Arabic spiritual song (Ha Yasoo3 Al-bab) by Bishoy Kamal Rofail. The audio recording was done by Alexander A-Malek and Bishoy K. R. Dawood.

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1. Behold Jesus knocks always on the door,
And to you he requests to enter,
So open the door or else he leaves
From you, so open the door, quickly.

Quickly, Quickly, (x2)
Cease the only moment given to you,
Open your heart
To Jesus, quickly.

2. The voice of the Lord is announcing peace,
Here is the chance of your life,
Time flies and passes away,
A sinner hears His call quickly.

3. Open the door to Christ the Savior,
The Blood of the Savior is medicine,
On the bosom of Love you will rest,
So open for Jesus quickly.

4. You will be eternally with Him,
In a mansion decorated by the Lord,
Where there is no weeping or tears,
So open your heart for Jesus quickly.