The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Rashi Song

Fr. Shenouda Maher
May 04, 2004

A spiritual song based on Philippians 4:4, written in the Old Bohairic dialect of Coptic by Fr. Shenouda Maher, and contributed by Alexander A-Malek. Audio recording done by Alexander A-Malek, Arsanious Barsoum, Mena Barsoum, Mena Costandi, and Peter Sedrak.

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(1) Rashi khen epchois ensow niwan
Bibnawma fsaji khan ehten x2
Ka balin dijo emmos nodan
Je rashi en sow niwan
(Rejoice in the Lord always, thus the Spirit says in our Hearts,
and again I say to you, rejoice always).


Rashi khen epchois ensaw niwan
(Rejoice always, rejoice always, rejoice in the Lord always).

Rashi talal onof emmodan x2
Rashi talal ensow niwan
(Rejoice, be glad, exalt - all of you - rejoice, be glad always).

(2) Won niwan khen mai niwan
khen hob niwan ensaw niwan x2
Bibnawma efjos nodan
Je rashi ensaw niwan x2
(Everyone in every place, in everything, at all times
the Spirit says to you, “Rejoice always”).


(3) Pchois e naman ensaw niwan
khen hob niwan afdidodan x2
Atwa bye dijo emmos nodan
Je rashi ensaw niwan
(The Lord is always with us; in all things He helps us,
because of this I say to you, “Rejoice always”).


(4) Akmanaridan ebnudi/ aksoddan ebnudi x2
Entok akdi nan embek rashi ensaw niwan x2
(You have loved us, o God, You have redeemed us.
O God, You gave us Your Joy at all times).