The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Who Created the World?

September 21, 2004

A spiritual song translated from Arabic (Meen Khalaq el-Sama’) by Bishoy Kamal Rofail. The audio recording was done by Alexander A-Malek and Bishoy K. R. Dawood.

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Who created the sky,
High like this, so high!? (x2)
Who created the plants,
Green, blossoming?

Our Lord, our Lord,
Created the world,
Praise Him, Glorify Him,
Exalt Him forever,
His mercy,
For He is good,
And lover of Mankind.

The scent of the flowers,
Spreads around the world, (x2)
The sun and the stars,
And the heavenly setting.

Who formed the birds,
Flying like this, and graceful!? (x2)
Who filled the world,
With His Divine Wisdom?

Who created Man,
To govern the world? (x2)
Animals to dominate,
And serve him always?