The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Your Love, O Mary

September 13, 2004

A spiritual song translated from Arabic (Hoboky Ya Maryam) by Bishoy Kamal Rofail. The audio recording was done by Alexander A-Malek, Bishoy K. R. Dawood, and Peter Sedrak.

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Your love, O Mary, is our greatest hope,
O Mother of the Magnified, be our mother.

1. Your Son reminded you of us, on the Cross,
He gave you to the beloved, and gave you to us.

2. As our kind mother, we take refuge in you,
Show your help, O Mary, to your children.

3. When we have hope in you, our souls you heal,
Whenever we hope from you, in the valley of sorrow.

4. We ask for protection, from all evils,
Show us your care,O Mary, in the Day of Judgement.

5. O Mother of yearning, and beautiful love,
O Door of Heaven, delightful is your love.

6. The mother said, our Saviour desired,
That all your blessings, O Mary, will be valuable.

7. The fortune of the servants, O Mary, is not,
Like a day in torment, with the unbelievers.

8. Show us your glory, in every challenge,
He who comes to you, O Mary, is asking for your aid.