The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church

This Website’s Coptic Font

This website utilizes unicode for it’s Coptic fonts, instead of using the more common ASCII Coptic Standard fonts. You should be able to view the Coptic texts on various devices without the need to install the ASCII Coptic Standard fonts, as you would find with websites in Arabic, for example. However, if your browser does not support the Unicode Coptic font, you could install the following font that is used in this website:

Arial Coptic

You can then test your browser’s support of the unicode by clicking here:

Test Browser Support

You can setup your browser to support unicode by following the instructions here:

Setting up Browser’s Unicode Support

For more information on the Unicode Coptic fonts, see the following links:
University of California, Berkeley page on Coptic Unicode Input.
Coptic Unicode Fonts on Moheb’s Coptic Pages.